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We have developed two applications for FileMaker Go (BauVet and MiaoVet respectively, for dogs and cats), usable on the iPhones and iPads of the pets’ owners.

In order for them to be distributed and updated with specific contents by each vet, the two applications are equipped with a permanent communication channel using a web service that can be found on, e, which also publish the distribution interface.

The application server “pushes” content and updates to the users and “receives” usage statistics and requests for processing. We have also designed a simple process for updating the “promotional” content of the commercial partners, which can easily modulate their advertising over time or by targeting a specific group of users. The project, realised with the support of Merial and InnoVet, is available to 3,500 Italian vets registered with the FNOVI (Federazione Nazionale Ordini Veterinari Italiani).

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FMPASS (live from 25th Sept. 2013)

This is an online app (developed using FileMaker technology, naturally) which generates passes for Passbook and is aimed at developers and businesses.

Passbook is a virtual documents wallet able to contain everything we usually carry around in paper form: air and railway tickets, coupons, loyalty cards, cinema tickets and much more. It is an app that is automatically provided with Apple’s iOS 6. It is available as standard on the iPhone 5 or can be downloaded from iTunes for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPod Touch.

Passbook offers a number of new and powerful functions for developing brand loyalty and interacting with the customer.

FmPass is the intuitive and effective tool for making the most of this potential.