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Our focus is the creation of 'software paths' to process, distribute and share information between individuals and their organisations, who use these paths to simplify and improve their own procedures vis-à-vis their clientele.

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How to handle quantities of data easily.

Now concentrate on the needs of your organisation; we’ll worry about the rest. Discover the technologies on which our work is based..



Insurance Web Service

The web platform for auxiliary services for the banking, financial and insurance sectors, plus our automated back-office and our workflow management..

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About AddWare Europe

Over many years, AddWare Europe has specialised in the development of software to meet specific needs, and as a result defines itself a ‘solution house’ rather than ‘software house’.

Our commitment focuses on planning ‘software paths’ for the processing, distribution and sharing of information between individuals and their organisations, who will use these to simplify and improve their work.

A partner in the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) and a member of the Apple Developer Connection (ADC), AddWare Europe plays an active role in innovating within the community of software developers, integrating Internet and many other mobile technologies using the award-winning FileMaker Pro relational database.

Learn more about AddWare Europe by looking at some of the websites dedicated to specific projects or sector for which we have been responsible. Here is a selection of links:

In the News

  • FileMaker Developer Conference

    August 12-15, 2013
    The annual convention dedicated to developers using the popular database that is increasingly establishing itself as a platform for innovation will be taking place in San Diego (CA) this month...

  • Web Platform Insurance
  • Launch of the Veterinary Apps Project
Thremhall - Bishop’s Stortford

A quiet place to meet

If an e-mail or phone is not enough we will be happy to discuss your project in a quiet place.

AddWare Europe has its registered offices in Glasgow, and an office at Bishop’s Stortford, near London’s Stansted Airport.

AddWare Europe makes use of developers and consultants around the world to apply local knowledge in resolving clients’ problems.

Client Testimonials

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    Right from the start, AddWare Europe impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated all the results we were looking for. - Sarah Meyer, UNI Protect Agency
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